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author:fredabio     Upload date:2017-08-28

brief introduction
Poly glutamic acid (gamma -PGA), also known as natto gum. It is a natural macromolecule polymer first discovered in natto. It has good water solubility, strong water retention, smooth skin and not greasy. It is an upgraded substance of hyaluronic acid".
Product characteristics
Polymer glutamic acid - long acting moisturizing skin feeling improvement
Long term moisture retention is superior to hyaluronic acid;
Inhibits hyaluronidase activity and produces a natural moisturizing factor, NMF;
Maintain skin elasticity for a long time;
Unique smooth skin feeling, can be used alone, and can also be combined with hyaluronic acid to improve the hyaluronic acid's greasy skin feeling.
Low molecular weight poly glutamic acid skin whitening moisturizing
Moderate inhibition of tyrosinase activity, inhibition of melanin production;
Antioxidant and pigmentation;
Deep moisturizing, light whitening;
Use guidance
Can be applied to all cosmetics: mask, cream, lotion, essence, Cleansing Cream, hair care etc.;
Recommended dosage: 1 per thousand -1%;
The emulsion was added at later stage and the temperature was lower than 60;
Try to choose an ionic emulsifier.
Packaging and storage
100g or packing according to customer's requirement
Airtight and shady. Shelf life of two years.

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